Hi, my name is Alice;)
I help an international group of high-tech companies to find
HR Business Partner
(Moscow + the whole world)
Why to consider this opportunity
International work experience
Work in an international team without any boundaries: the company helps successful candidates with relocation. The work is associated with travel, and the offices of the group of companies are located in the most beautiful cities in the world;)
Stable income
We offer official clearance. The system of income in this company is based on the quality of work, not its' quantity. We regularly review success to be on the same wavelength.
Super teams
Inspiring leaders lead their teams to success. So they gather exclusive experts to rich this aim.
Important meanings
Business for business is long gone. The team is changing millions people's lives for the better, automating tedious tasks and freeing the creative potential of humanity from routine. There is a real opportunity to do your bit.
Freedom of action
You can do everything that will bring the desired result for the team and business - the company is free from stereotypes and bureaucracy. You can write about your problem directly to the CEO in a chat, get approvement of the budget there or suggest your own idea.
Professional growth with potential of career development by solving unique problems for Russian stakeholders who conquer international market
Who we need
We are looking for a person who really cares about people, prefers essences to forms, who desires to do something for the sake of a dream, and appreciates deep meanings.
Where your expertise is needed
  • Full HR support of several exclusive teams (recruiting, assessment, training, internal communications)
  • Talent acquisition: exclusive vacancies, positions of high-class niche experts in IT, automotive, alternative energy, robotics, fintech
  • Job descriptions creation for all new positions in cooperation with the project leaders, and according to the market analysis. Development of the road-map to attract the most fitting people
  • Support all the stages of negotiations, holding negotiations with top level candidates
  • Launching all HR processes that will help the team to work quickly and productively: C&B, organizational development, culture and values
  • Handling all governmental relations, medical issues, and general benefits for local and
    expatriate employees
  • Trainings and development
  • Support the team in problem solving that advance the achievement of goals
Expectations from the ideal candidate:
  • The ability to work in a fast-moving meritocracy where every employee looks to constantly improve themselves and their company
  • Not only desire, but also the ability to be HR BP, affecting business results
  • Understanding that HR is an important team driver The ability to affect the profitability and business effectiveness
  • Experience you can rely on in the HR industry
  • Cases that indicate that you are determined to look for better solutions and not give up in a difficult situation
  • Understanding the specifics of high-tech markets
  • Experience in building and developing all hr processes.
  • Spacious mind and large scoap in HR, business
I look forward to your resume!
I wish you a great day :)

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