Project Manager
Recruiting in Tallinn
The Challenge was to find a proactive and responsible Project Manager.
12 days

Search length
209 CV

Were in the Funnel
2 CV

Saw the CEO
1 Interview

Conducted on the side of Escalate
The Mission was: to gather the core team, without wasting the CEO's time for communication with those who didn't fit the role and expectations.
Junior Recruiting Consultant, Escalate
Irina Petrova
Head of International Recruitment Unit, Escalate
Julia Antonova

Start of the Project: 04/09/2020
The Funnel
1518 Viewings = 1496 Russian job board + 22 social network
209 responses = 139 Russian job board + 9 social network + 61 Estonian job board
25 negotiations were set up by Escalate
5 interviews were conducted on the side of Escalate
2 resumes were presented to the client
1 interview was conducted on the side of the CEO
1 finalist started 16/09/2020

Finish of the Project: 16/09/2020
Our Challenges
  • The market was totally new, we had never had experience previously recruiting in Estonia.
  • The company has no HR-brand to which you can appeal.
  • Resumes in Estonian: the language barrier.
  • Crypto: a forbidden topic for promotion in social networks.
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  • Partnership
We are deeply immersed in communication with the client. Finding the matches with candidates and the client - our key value.

  • Prioritization
It is not about the rummage through the hundreds of resumes, but the ability to see the perfect match of professional experience, background and life circumstances.

  • Clear and honest communication with the client and candidates
The CEO was ready to make the decision fast, and he trusted our company. So we did not hesitate, we made:

  • The transparent platform for the client: the CEO was able to see all the funnel, text, updates and comments, publications, and correct the process as he preferred his brand communicates to the candidates' market.
  • Arrangement of a smooth process: We coordinated the assessment process, meetings, and the most important - collect the feedback from both sides to provide both sides with the information to make the right decision.
  • High attention to details: our candidate is a hi-po for the role. It was the clue in this case. The CEO is inspired by people, who can quickly sink into something new and bring value to the project and themselves.
    What are the Benefits for the Client?
    • Agility and flexibility: we generate, quadrate & prioritize hypotheses with the client, test them quickly and analyze results, so we do not waste time on non-working ones.

    • Transparency of all the process: the client could choose the depth of the project involvement. We share analytics of the project, which helps to see the picture wider than just looking for candidates and make the right solution in each particular situation with deep understanding of all risks and advantages.

    • Clear and direct communication: we pay attention to details, clarify all the questions at the beginning and during the project. We also maintain in-depth communication with candidates, which allows us to provide comprehensive consultation to the client on all arising issues.
    Usually, critics is the most valuable thing I can give in partnership, but there is nothing to be said.
    (c) the CEO
    One of the best sign of a good result is that the client comes back with new challenges.
    But even better is that our finalist is an orienteer for the other roles.
    Recruiters — Irina Petrova & Julia Antonova
    Photographer — Noora Karppi
    Special thanks to:
    the client and all the candidates