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ONLINE HR Managers Meetup - Feel like Off-Line

We Are Choosing the Date

Real HR Cases of Real HR Managers in Real Time

  • 15 HR Experts from All Over The World
  • 2 Professional Facilitators
  • Important for You "Here-and-Now" Cases
  • Expanding Horizon and New Tools for Complex Problems Solving

What for?
A New Format of
Your Professional Work:
search for a solution of your task together with colleagues,
broadening the horizons and discovering tools.
About Event
What is Case Studies with Escalate?
  • No written simulators, only true cases of the meeting participants.
  • No boring numbers, just "see from the other side" to find a "blind" spot, get insight and energy for the next steps.
  • Not "I have a problem", but "others are worried about the same questions!"
  • Not a party - an opportunity to spend time thinking about your task in the team of interested professional people who understand and appreciate you.
Online. Deep contact
at a safe distance ;)
HR Managers
Participants - proven HR experts and Leaders from all over the Globe.
Case study with HR profs, navigated by experienced facilitators.
7 Reasons to Take Part in "Real HR Cases of Real HR Managers"
What will be your profit?
Switch off the operational HR everydayness
Work on your task outside the day-to-day duties, get more fresh ideas from colleagues.
Feel the pulse of the market
Understand the range of tasks HR Managers face in different industries and countries.
Catch the insight!
Insight is guaranteed! An idea that helps to make a step forward in solving the problem.
An amazing experience of co-creation, practices of solving business tasks together.
Synergetic intelligence
A team of experienced people, who think in a different way then you, will fascinate you with fresh ideas.
The energy "To Act"!
A pleasant feeling of a well done job and inspiration at the end of the meeting.
Everything as if offline.
Only without masks :)

The Blueprint of The Real HR Cases of Real HR Managers
Virtually. Everyone participates using video, and the whole process is visualized at the whiteboard.
We do not record videos to provide confidentiality.
Vivid Facilitation
We put special attention on creating a comfortable environment for you, to make your experience safe, interesting and inspiring.

A Variety of Cases
We get your requests / cases together and you vote to choose the most actual and interesting for the group. We continue our work with this very case.
We ask good questions and look for solutions together with people, who think in a different way.
Insight is guaranteed!
We share insights, benefits, thoughts, set up an action plan.
Our Plan
Tuesday, 18th of August, 09.00 - 12.00 (GMT)
9:00 - 09:05
Meet in Zoom.
09:05 - 09:20
Ice-breaker: sharing insights of the month.
09.20 - 09.40
We put questions and cases of participants together, vote for the most interesting and actual one and work on solution as a team.
09:40 - 11.00
Depending on the case specificity, facilitators design the path and navigate the group process to let the group achieve the best solution.
11.00 - 11.30
Resume and insights. We summarize experience and results of our work and participants share their insights and eventual the nearest steps to do. Everybody will discover something valuable ;)
The Feedback from the Participants
The Terms of Participation
Please register to participate in the Meetup. There is pre-moderation and number of participants is limited to 15. We invite HR Directors, HR BP and HR Managers.

Cost of participation - FREE - 1 participant from 1 company.

If you can't participate on the event date, do not hesitate to connect with us and we will inform you about the following events.
Where Will We Meet?
Details of the meeting you will receive later. In case of any questions please apply at:
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